Description: The oil  Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Casa Anfosso  is an oil obtained from the selection  of the best 100% Italian quality cultivars including the Taggiasca olive.
Its fine, soft and fruity flavor with a sweet hint of spiciness  make it very versatile in the kitchen as it goes well with all types of preparation.

Fine and harmonious aroma, sweet with a hint of spiciness.

Soft and complex, rich in delicate fruity tones. The bitter and spicy are present and balanced.

Its fine and soft flavor  makes it ideal as a condiment for fish-based risotto, for frying, as a condiment for white and red meats and raw or cooked vegetables.

Acidity  : 0.3%
Collection method  : Manual
Extraction system  : Cold extracted through a continuous cycle
Collection Period  : October - February
Variety of Olives  : Selection of the best quality 100% Italian cultivars, including the taggiasca
region  : Liguria
Location  : Chiusavecchia (Imperia)
Color  : Golden yellow with light green shades
Format  : 1 litre
Fruity  : Light

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Baby Line 1Lt. Anfosso oil