The  Bittersweet White Barrique Dressing  it is the same product as the Condiment  Balsamic White Bittersweet, only  more aromatic and slightly more colorful , for a greater refinement in barrels of different woods (oak, cherry and mulberry) which makes it more dense (1.29).

This balsamic dressing is particularly suitable for dressing summer salads and fish, both cooked and raw, and it is  sought after by customers  who do not wish to "stain" their dishes and add a more aromatic taste to them. Also great for sautéing vegetables, marinades and grilled meat finishes.

Natural ingredients used : concentrated must of Trebbiano grapes  and white wine vinegar.  It does not contain dyes, preservatives and thickeners.

White Barrique Dressing with vinegar 250ml. - Acetaia Castelli